College Goals College Admission and Higher Education Consulting
Choosing an American University Education
Making wise choices - from test preparation to college applications to enrollment

Presentations by Joyce Reed and Andrea van Niekerk, College Goals college admission consultants
and Karen Berlin Ishii, standardized test preparation tutor

American universities can open doors to global opportunities, conferring an unmatched breadth of education and resources. College Goals counselors help families understand the advantages and challenges for international applicants to US (and UK) universities and the importance of selecting universities that fit each student, where they will thrive and succeed. With multifaceted admissions experience, we know how to help students create applications that stand out.

What do families need to know in order to start the university search and application process? How can students prepare for their tests and do their best on the applications? This presentation will address these issues and more - and our experts will take your individual questions, too.

Overview of U.S. University Experience and Application Process
Friday evening, March 28, 2014   7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
15 € per family. Advance reservations requested.

We will present the nature and benefits of an American-style liberal arts education and the resources and research options available in a highly diverse living and learning community.

Topics will include:

  • Benefits of American liberal arts education
  • Identifying the right fit colleges and universities
  • Application and admission process
  • Standardized test preparation (Karen Berlin Ishii)
  • Question and answer period and discussion.
University Admission Workshop
Saturday afternoon, March 29, 2014   1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
25 € per family. Advance reservations requested.
This workshop is offered for families who are seriously considering engaging in the American college/university search and application process. The workshop will consist of an introductory session for all, followed by 3 specialized sessions:

Initial (20 minute) overview for parents and students about finding the 'right' universities before parents and students separate into two groups:

For Parents: 45-minute information and question and answer session

• Advantages and challenges for international applicants
• Options for financial aid
• Why and when to visit college campuses
• Parents' role in the college search and application process
• Summer programs and other activities, internships, and more
• Standardized test requirements (SAT, ACT), preparation options and test tips (Karen Berlin Ishii)

For Students: 45-minutes on the practical points of the applications (you may bring your laptop)

• Using the online Common Application - benefits and limitations
• University-specific application supplements - why you are a perfect fit for a certain university
• Essay writing - showing who you are, expressing your opinion and individuality
• Extracurricular activities - what you offer a university community

Brief break (10-15 minutes)

For Students: 45-minutes on Getting a Handle on SAT and ACT Preparation (Karen Berlin Ishii)

• Overview of college entrance exams: SAT vs ACT, SAT Subject Tests, TOEFL
• Strong basic test techniques and strategies for both the SAT and ACT
• Why scores matter and how to choose which scores to submit
• What tests are required, when to take tests, optimal test dates, alternatives to testing
• When and how to prepare: best books, courses, tutoring, and online resources

While students attend the session on test preparation, parents may leave or take time for individual consultations with Joyce and Andrea.
Workshop Presenters

Joyce Reed has for ten years been the Director of College Goals, LLC, a highly-experienced university admission and higher education consulting firm, after serving as Associate Dean of the College at Brown University for 14 years.

Andrea van Niekerk, a College Admissions Consultant with College Goals, served as Associate Director of Admission at Brown University for many years, where much of her work focused on international applicants.

Karen Berlin Ishii, a Brown University graduate, is a highly experienced college test preparation tutor who teaches students in New York and internationally.

Joyce Reed, Andrea van Niekerk, Karen Berlin Ishii

Registration Information

Both presentations take place at:
  The American Church in Paris
  65 Quai d'Orsay, 75007 Paris
  Bus 63 / Metro: Alma Marceau/Invalides

  - Due to limited seating, advance reservations are requested.
  - Participation in the Saturday workshop will be confirmed after receipt of payment.

For more information and to reserve a place, please contact:

Carolyn Comfort
Paris Representative for College Goals
Phone: evenings