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Welcome Summer@Brown and Brown College Fair students!
Welcome Cornell Club in NY and Brown Club in NY
members and friends!


Thanks for checking out my SAT and ACT goodies page.

It was great to meet so many of you at Brown University and at the Cornell Club in NY for my lecture, Getting a Handle on SAT and ACT Prep!

Thanks, too, to those who joined my webinar in The Brown Club in NY's series, Education at Home During the Pandemic (and beyond).

Are you here to get my VERY BEST SAT and ACT test prep tips?

Click on the links below to download the pdf files for my test tips summaries -- and the updated, ever-popular ACT vs. SAT Chart:

8 Essential SAT Test Tips
For SAT and ACT Reading:  Really Radical Reading Techniques
For SAT and ACT Reading:  Rephrasing the Question Drill
For SAT and ACT Reading:  Trigger Worksheets
The 7 Prime ACT Tips
ACT versus SAT chart
Getting a Handle ACT SAT Prep: Powerpoint lecture summary

Also, don't miss these very helpful resources from my website:

Useful Resources This is my updated collection of all the best resources online and in print for ACT and SAT studies.

ACT and SAT Prep NY Blog - Check out my blog for new and updated articles about the SAT, ACT and other tests, including test tips and advice from college coaches, too. Subscribe -- so you don't miss any!

Do you have more questions about the SAT or ACT?

Please feel free to email or phone me anytime for clear answers to most any question you might have about these tests and preparing for them. Click on the links to the left for more information about me and my tutoring services.

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